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Project Name Data (Last Modified On 9/19/2013)

Flora Data (Last Modified On 9/19/2013)
Genus Oxalis L.
PlaceOfPublication Sp. P1. 433. 1753.
Note TYPE: 0. acetosella L.
Synonym Acetosella Moehr, Hort. Priv. 4. 1736. Oxys [Tourn.] Adanson, Fam. P1. 2: 388. 1763. Sassia Molina, Saggio Chile 145. 1782. Oxallis Noronha, Verh. Batav. Gen. 5. Art. IV, 21. 1790. Pseudoxalis Rose, Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 10: 116. 1906. Ionoxalis Small, Fl. S.E. U.S. 665. 1903. N. Amer. Fl. 25(1): 26. 1907. Monoxalis Small, Fl. S.E. U.S. 665. 1903. N. Amer. Fl. 25(1): 45. 1907. Lotoxalis, Small, Fl. S.E. U.S. 666. 1903. N. Amer. Fl. 25(1): 46. 1907. Xanthoxalis Small, N. Amer. Fl. 25(1): 49. 1907. Hesperoxalis Small, N. Amer. Fl. 25(1): 26. 1907. Otoxalis Small, N. Amer. Fl. 25(1): 27. 1907. Bolboxalis Small, Fl. S.E. U.S. 665. 1903. N. Amer. Fl. 25(1): 27. 1907.
Description Herbs or subshrubs, rarely lianas; roots branched fibrous or subligneous thickened; stems underground and reduced to an invisible disc covered with bracts and the base of petioles connate to the stipules, or modified in a more or less ligneous, thickened rhizome covered with the base of the decayed leaves, or aerial and climbing, decumbent, trailing or erect, subligneous at the base, or all herbaceous. Leaves alternate, apparently basal or cauline, subopposite or pseu- doverticillate, 3(-4)-foliolate, digitate or pinnate, with or without stipules connate to the petioles. Inflorescences axillary, of 2-branched or umbelliform cymes or solitary flowers; bracteoles 2; bracts small. Flowers varying in size, rarely cleis- togamous; calyx 5-partite; petals 5, connate near the middle; stamens 10, connate at the base, the series of 5 external alternisepalous stamens opposite the petals, shorter, the internal series alternipetalous, longer, usually all fertile; pistils het- erostylous, bi-, trimorphic, the carpels 1-15-ovuled, the styles 5, free, the stigmas capitate. Capsule globose, oblong to cylindric, glabrous or pubescent, the carpels (1-)2-15-seeded, loculicidally dehiscent, the carpels connate to the central axis, persistent; seeds generally ovoid, apiculate or oblong, more or less flattened, the testa crustaceous, longitudinally zig-zag ribbed, transversally striate or sculptured densely verrucate, 2-tegmic, the external integument fleshy, arilliform, breaking elastically and projecting the ripe seeds; albumen fleshy; embryo straight.
Habit Herbs or subshrubs
Note Oxalis includes more than 800 species
Distribution distributed around the world in tropical and cold regions, from sea level to the snow-line in the highest mountains.
Note Twelve species have been found in Panama, none endemic.
Key a. Leaves 3-foliolate, pinnate. b. Petals white or yellow at the base, the limb pinkish ......2. 0. barrelieri bb. Petals yellow. c. Cymes with foliaceous bracts; leaflets glaucous with white cystoliths ...... 5. 0. dombeii cc. Cymes with linear, small bracts; leaves green or more or less violaceous. d."' Cymes long branched, 10-40-flowered; capsule globose ...... 9. 0. microcarpa dd. Cymes umbelliform, 3-7(-11-15)-flowered; capsule ovoid or oblong ...... 7. 0. frutescens ssp. angustifolia aa. Leaves 3-4-foliolate, digitate. e. Roots fibrous or thickened; stems aerial or rhizomatous; sepals without calli at the apex. f. Stem aerial, erect or rooting; flowers yellow, sometimes violaceous veined. g. Liana; leaves exstipulate, the leaflets ovate ...... 10. 0. rhombifolia gg. Herbs; leaves with stipules connate to the petiole, the leaflets commonly obovate with the apex incised. h. Stipules truncate or narrowed towards the apex; capsules oblong or cylindric covered with hairs (rarely glabrate). i. Stems decumbent or erect. j. Petals light yellow, translucid; leaflets green, the lobules ascendent; calyx to 1/5_1/4 of the capsule length ......3c. 0. corniculata ssp. corniculata jij. Petals bright yellow, orange or pinkish outside; leaflets glaucous, the lobules more or less divergent; calyx to 1/4- 1/3 of the capsule length ...... 3a. 0. corniculata ssp. albicans ii. Stems filiform, creeping. k. Stem greenish to violaceous, dark green when dry; capsule cylindric, calyx to 1/5_1/4 its length, slightly retrorse- pubescent to glabrous ...... 3b. 0. corniculata var. atropurpurea kk. Stem reddish, decorticating, leaves green; flowers yellow; capsule oblong, calyx to ?2-2/3 its length, short pubes- cent ...... 6. 0. filiformis hh. Stipules with free, acute apex; capsules conic, glabrous or with sparse pluricellular hairs ...... 11. 0. spiralis ssp. vulcanicola ff. Plants apparently stemless, rhizomatous to 2 cm diam., ligneous, bearing the bases of decayed leaves; flowers pink ...... 1. 0. articulata ee. Bulbs formed by the reduced stem covered with bracts and the stipules connate to the petioles; sepals usually with calli at the apex; flowers pink. 1. Leaflets 3, entire to bilobate. m. Leaflets subtriangular ...... 8. 0. latifolia mm. Leaflets obovate, incised, the lobes rounded ...... 4. 0. debilis var. corymbosa 11. Leaflets 4, entire or rarely slightly retuse ...... 12. 0. tetraphylla
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