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Passiflora Research Network


An international research group that aims at improving the knowledge of the genus Passiflora. We are particularly interested in augmenting knowledge of taxonomy and phylogeneic relationships within the genus. Although Passiflora is a medium-sized genus of 520 species, it is by far the largest genus in the Passifloraceae and is amazingly diverse in its morphology.

During the coming four years we will focus our research specifically on subgenus Decaloba, which is currently recognized with 235 species, with an estimated 20–35 additional species new to science.

Position of the Passifloraceae and Passiflora
Taxonomic history of Passiflora
Passiflora subgenus Decaloba - its supersections and species
(World) Checklist of Decaloba
Project summary & background
Molecular systematics
Floral development
Assessing Conservation Status of Passiflora
Passiflora directory of researchers
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Contributors to this site are (in alphabetical order) Alexandra Hernández, Peter M. Jørgensen, Elma Kay, Shawn Krosnick, John M. MacDougal, Lucinda McDade, and Kristen Porter-Utley.

Website coordinator Peter M. Jørgensen
Contributions, questions, corrections, or comments should be sent to peter.jorgensen@mobot.org



This material is based upon research supported by the National Science Foundation
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