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A World Checklist of Thymelaeaceae




Zachary S. Rogers




The World Checklist of Thymelaeaceae, an initiative first undertaken at the Missouri Botanical Garden in 2007, is an ongoing effort to compile a complete list of names that have been published in the family Thymelaeaceae, and to determine the current taxonomic and nomenclatural status of every name. The family was last treated in its entirety by gifted Swiss botanist, Carl Daniel Friedrich Meisner (1800–1874), as part of De Candolle’s Prodromus Systematis Naturalis Regni Vegetabilis (Meisner, 1857), and this online World Checklist marks the first time for the family to be evaluated on a global scale since Meisner's monumental work.


 Results from this study are disseminated here via a searchable database including several kinds of botanical information:


1) an exhaustive checklist of plant names belonging to Thymelaeaceae and their associated nomenclatural types and synonyms

2) citations of supporting voucher collections and digital images of herbarium material and living plants

3) specimen- and literature-based distribution data and maps

4) bibliographic references to protologues and other important literature sources

5) additional taxon-specific information pertaining to ecology (e.g., phenology, habitat, elevation), vernacular names and uses, and conservation status.


It is hoped that the information provided on this website will be useful to professional and amateur botanists, horticulturalists, and students alike. The World Checklist remains a work in progress and is continually being refined and updated with new information. Please send any comments, additions, or corrections to Zachary Rogers (zachary.rogers@mobot.org).



Suggested citation: Rogers, Z. S. 2009. A World Checklist of Thymelaeaceae (version 1). Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis. [first posted 9 July 2009].


Copyright: A World Checklist of Thymelaeaceae by Zachary S. Rogers is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. This work is copyrighted by the Missouri Botanical Garden, © 2009, all rights reserved. The information contained herein is presented for scholarly use only. Copying or redistributing the data in any manner for personal or corporate gain is strictly prohibited.


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